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Skål International Sydney – July Lunch – Bastille Day

Bonjour mon amis!

This month we celebrate French National Day (Bastille Day – 14 July) at The Little Snail Restaurant (50 Murray Street, Pyrmont NSW).

Did you know that the French national day is not called Bastille Day in France? Over there, it’s “le 14 juillet” (the 14 July), or “la fête nationale” (the national holiday).

So why do we call it Bastille Day?

It is known as Bastille Day in English because the day celebrates the storming in 1789 of the Bastille, a prison King Louis XVI used to detain his opponents. The Storming of the Bastille was a turning point in the French Revolution, eventually leading to the end of the monarchy.

But no matter which term you prefer to use, we invite to don your best beret, scarf or kerchief  and join us for a sumptuous lunch to celebrate all things French ooh la la…

Event Details
Wednesday, 10th July 2019
The Little Snail, 50 Murray St, Pyrmont, NSW
12:00 - 14:30
Friday, 5th July 2019
Mike Lillie
Tel: 0408 817 554
Per Person
Member Price: $65.00
Guest Price: $75.00
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